How to configure WinCE to run on BB-xM + ULCD7 ?

Jan 23, 2013 at 3:38 AM

The videos show a BeagleBoard driving an ULCD7 LCD panel, with touch interface (resistive, single-touch interface, but still cool :-). Everything looks fine and the multimedia demo run smoothly and it's great. But...

When I try to run the demo image on my setup (BB-xM and ULCD7), I get a screen output with the wrong resolution (I don't see the task bar - annoying) and I get a mirrored image along the x-axis. So, to see something that's readable, I must look at the LCD panel as it stands in front of a mirror (insanely annoying).

The touch screen doesn't work. I don't get the calibration sequence either. Workaround: I can still use a mouse.

There is only one option for LCD screen resolution in the bootloader configuration menu and it doesn't work with the ULCD7.

So, is it yet another custom Windows CE image we see running on the videos? Do I have to get the sources, apply some patches and recompile the whole lot?


Thanks for the feedback!



Jan 23, 2013 at 9:41 AM

The posted demo image was built for the standard xM without any expansion boards or LCD (as that is is what most people would have).

Most cases the expansion boards IDs are not programmed at the factory so it makes building one universal image that works on all configurations of hardware impossible.

The full source allows building for any target configuration.